The worlds first Tender App!

Fed up with energy sales people calling?

All you need to do from here on out is simply tell any energy sales person that if they want to give you a quote you are happy for them to do so however they have to do it through this system! They can then register and start competing against all the other sales people for your business without you having to do anything! The ones who are genuinely well priced will be happy to do this and the ones who are looking to rip you off will not bother you again!

What is this?

Hi my name's David Coleman, I have worked in the energy industry for many years now. I was lucky enough to work for, in my opinion, 'the best of a bad bunch' however, during my career I have constantly spoken to people who believe they have the best deal for them but after a quick look it's easy to see they haven't. I have personally sought out new and innovative ways to deliver the best pricing to customers, and this is what I have come up with.

I have created an on-line App system which allows any company to obtain the best pricing, as if they were a large corporation, even if they are a small ‘one man band’ or anything in between.

You will simply submit a tender just like a corporation would (even for just 1 meter!). When you make the tender "live" then every company will be able to submit their quote. After they have submitted the initial quote, they can then see the "best priced" quote. Being able to see the competition leader they can then decide how much they want your business and they can make their quote more competitive.

They bid against each other!!

My system allows energy companies to bid for your business against all the other companies! This will be the only way you can truly get a real comparison!
  • Transparent Business Prices, all lined up next to each other!
  • No more phoning 20 different companies 5 times each to beat down prices!