Business Energy Made Simple!

All you need to do from here on out is simply tell any energy sales person that if they want to give you a quote you are happy for them to do so however they have to do it through this system! They can then register and start competing against all the other sales people for your business without you having to do anything! The ones who are genuinely well priced will be happy to do this and the ones who are looking to rip you off will not bother you again!

What is this?

Hi my name's David Coleman, I worked for eon energy as the regional accounts manager for Kent and Sussex in the high value business and multi-site face to face sales department, 2010 - 2013. Previous to that I worked for npower. I have worked in the energy industry since 2008 and aquired a wide range of experience from meter installation to contract law to simply getting the best prices. By august 2013 I had finally built up the experience and qualification to become a broker and was started. During my career I have spoken to many businesses who felt they have the best deal for them, yet after a quick look it was easy to see they hadn't. Buying business energy can be a mine field and speaking to a person at the end of a phone who may or may not even be in your county let alone country can be frustrating. There are many scams out there, one in particular is the "meter registration service" who scare new business owners into taking ludicrous contracts. I embarked on trying to bring a little honesty to the industry. I like to be as transparent as possible and will always give honest advice. I run my business personally and you will be dealing directly with me and not any badly trained revolving door staff. I have personally created an online pricing system so you can either call me, meet with me or simply do it on-line. I have personally sought out new and innovative ways to deliver the best pricing to customers, and this is the on-line system I have created.

I have created an on-line App system which allows any company to obtain the best pricing, as if they were a large corporation, even if they are a small ‘one man band’ or anything in between.

A limited company / sole trader or public limited company, would submit a very simple tender, just like a corporation would (even for just 1 meter!). When you make the tender "live" then every company will be able to submit their quote. After they have submitted the initial quote, they can then see the "best priced" quote. Being able to see the competition leader the quoting company can then decide how much they want your business and they have the option to make their quote more competitive.

They bid against each other!!

My system allows energy suppliers to bid for your business against all the other suppliers! This will be the only way you can truly get a real comparison!
  • Transparent Business Prices, all lined up next to each other!
  • No more phoning 20 different companies 5 times each to beat down prices!